The 3/28 luncheon meeting of the Salisbury Rotary Club was a full one, one that included the induction of a new member and a speaker.  Nicole Chase, Salisbury Bank & Trust Co., was inducted by Club President Bill Spalding and her sponsor, Randy Chappel. Following the induction, Doug Brendel, a Rotarian with the Ipswich MA Club, was introduced by President Bill Spalding
       Doug and his wife lead a humanitarian charity, New Thing, in Belarus.  Explaining that it started with 80% of the radiation resulting from the Chernobyl explosion in northern Ukraine falling in Belarus, and resulting in sick people and children with underdeveloped immune systems, needs have evolved to the point where help & support is now needed to deal with abandoned & abused & orphaned children, homelessness, poverty, the disabled and inadequate hospital care.  Established in 2003 as a non-profit recognized by the Belarus government, New Thing exists to help these people in need.  FMI: