Salisbury Rotary Club members, at its 6/11 luncheon meeting, learned about the Grow Against Poverty project in Kenya from now retired teachers, Jean and John Roccanova.  When they read a 2004 New York Times article about the school tuition being eliminated for Kenyan students, they were appalled at class sizes of over 100 students and decided to sponsor a teacher to make classes smaller at the Igero, Kenya school.  Since then, they have continued and increased their support of education and community development projects in this area of Kenya.  Grow Against Poverty is a registered 501 (c) 3 nonprofit that supports education and community development projects in Kenya. For 8 years GAP has been raising money for school projects such as classroom construction, purchasing computers, serving meals, starting a bicycle transportation program, and hiring extra teachers. Projects in the communities include funding workshops in the areas of women's health, making fireless cookers, building a community building for Grow Against Poverty-Kenya, installing water tanks, and assisting families in starting small poultry and goat farms.