Thank you to all those who attended the Salisbury Rotary Club (SRC) Annual Fireworks on Saturday July 2nd.
The fireworks show was delayed significantly. Here is what happened...
As darkness fell, events were proceeding as planned. Legion Fireworks, the pyrotechnic company hired by SRC for the past several years, was in place and ready to go when
electrical problems with the automated firing mechanism first surfaced. These problems were expected to be rectified within minutes, but persisted despite repeated “fixes.”
Overriding the electronics and firing the explosives manually was discussed, but safety and other issues intervened. Ultimately, Legion Fireworks reluctantly decided to fire them manually, and SRC made the decision to proceed. A full fireworks display went off successfully, albeit later than usual. Regretfully, a fairly significant percentage of what was a huge crowd had already left.
The Salisbury Rotary Club, Lime Rock Park and Legion Fireworks all extend their sincerest apologies to our community. The annual fireworks display is SRC's largest fundraiser, proceeds go to local scholarships, community gifts and other projects. If you wish to have a full refund, please send a S.A.S.E. to Salisbury Rotary Club P.O. Box 287 Salisbury CT 06068 Attn: Refund 
Thank you and have a happy and safe summer!
Digby Brown, Salisbury Rotary Club, Fireworks Chair
Frank Coluccio, Legion Fireworks
Skip Barber, Lime Rock Park