The Salisbury Rotary Club has three scholarship programs in place.
One is for graduating high school students in our area who have been accepted to College.  If awarded a scholarship, the amount of the award will be applied to the student’s Fall semester at the college they attend.
Welcome Home Awards the second is for students who want to enter the workforce immediately but who need some additional technical or vocational preparation for their chosen filed.  These scholarships are so named because they are designed to encourage and facilitate the return of our area’s young people as talented, skilled and productive members of the community in which they gee hop and attend secondary school.
The third is called Back to School for Better Health Awards.  These seek to assist those in healthcare to improve their skills, status, and salaries.  Such individuals are encouraged to enter the healthcare professions by studying at nearby institutions and these scholarships are to aid with their tuition, insurance, daycare, books and travel to-and-from the place of education and/or training.
Please see the other links in this section to download the applications for any of these scholarships